Gene Simmons Band Gröna Lund

The eerie laughter from the intro to "Radioactive" spread over Sweden's oldest amusement park
"Deuce" exploded out of the speakers as Gene Simmons Band took the stage. The three guitarist attack started the party anthem "Shout It Out Loud" and a thundering "Parasite" followed.Simmons invited fans to come up on stage and chant "I Love It Loud" first verse of "Unholy" was played and the audience wanted more but got "Love Theme From KISS" instead
Monsterous and heavy "Warmachine" sent the crowd into a frenzy 
A pumping  "She´s So European" got the audience in a perfect party mood in the hot Stockholm night.
To hot for some so they had to call "Dr. Love" that got us in to the magical "Charisma" 
"I" believe in something moreThan you can understand Yes, "I" believe in me
"Cold Gin" time again Gene invited girls from the crowd up to the stage to sing the chorus to
"Do You Love Me" Wendy O` Willams song "It´s My Life" (written by Gene) made an impact.
from Gene Simmons Vault box set  we got "Are You Ready" 
A super heavy three guitar attack "Watchin´You" "Fits Like A Glove"
"Let Me Go, Rock N Roll" got audience on the stage for "Rock and Roll All Nite"
We got "Christeen Sixteen" for encore. A truly magical night in Stockholm!
42 years after the legendary KISS concert at Gröna Lund.

KISS Gothenburg 2017

View from our Hotel room in Goth(ia) Towers in the background you see Skandinavium Arena (sold out) 
Goth(ia) Towers King Size Shrimp Sandwich containing 200 grams of hand-peeled shrimps, mayonnaise, egg and a light salad.Probably the world´s greatest shrimp sandwich!
For the first time in 18 years the cry of - Alright Gothenburg.. You wanted the best, you got the best, the hottest band in the world, KISS! echoes in Gothenburg. You could feel the adrenaline rush in the sold-out crowd. The Arena lights went off, the sirens sounded, and the giant banner with the KISS logo dropped,KISS emerges in a fusillade of pyro and blinding flashes desending from a the roof on a huge hydralic platform blasting "Deuce" a high octane "Shout It Out Loud" followed.
Bursts of flames shot into the air behind KISS. the heat from the fireballs could be felt in the audience.
In the middle of "Lick It Up" there was laser-infested rendition of The Who’s “Won’t Get Fooled Again” a fire breathing demon ended "Firehouse" and kicked in a heavy "I Love It Loud"
Guitarist Tommy Thayer took lead vocals on “Shock Me" that followed by an explosive guitar solo with his rocket firing guitar. The amazing "Flaming Youth" was performed with the led screens showing the history of KISS, a goosebump moment.

Stage was left in darkness, smoke and green light. Gene Simmons emerged from the shadows for his spewing blood bass solo and levitated to perform “Warmachine” up in the rafters. Paul Stanley teased the audience by playng  first verse and a bit of the chorus of "Shandi" before he went into a "Crazy, Crazy Nights" and it´s "Cold Gin" time again to "Say Yeah"
Paul Stanley soared like an eagle across the arena on a zip-line during “Psycho Circus” to a rotating saucer stage in the middle of Skandinavium Arena and to return to the stage for "Black Diamond"
Thunderous explosions and flames while Paul is smashing his guitar during "Rock and Roll All Nite"!
The explosions that soared on either side of Singer’s drum riser and sent a blast wave of heat through the arena.
Gene Simmons and Tommy Thayer standing on swinging platforms that rotated over the audience
Ground-shaking firebombs and pyro infernos to annex a small country! 
Closing the show with "I Was Made For Loving You" and a thunderous "Detroit Rock City".
Footnote: all images with the name of the blog are taken by me under the influence in the audience with a bad camera.


PA blasted out the last bars of Led Zeppelins ‘Rock n Roll’ and the lights went out..  
- Alright Stockholm.. You wanted the best, you got the best, the hottest band in the world, KISS!!!
Loud explosions on the smoke infested stage, Paul, Gene and Tommy appeared on a huge hydraulic plattform  from above, slowly decending to the stage as bursts of flames shot into the air behind them playing "Deuce"  with the classic synchronised head bob from the three guitarists. The party anthem "Shout It Out Loud" took over and Tele2 Arena crowd got wild.
Paul Stanley wordlessly dividing the crowd in two and pitting the sides against each other in a scream battle.
Paul Stanley asked the ladies if the like to be licked and burst into"Lick It Up" (with a snippet of "Won't Get Fooled Again" by The Who) Paul Stanley addresses the audience indicating that the band has been coming to Stockholm, Sweden since 1976 (Gröna Lund with a record-setting crowd
In a wall of flames Gene got the audience chanting "I Love It Loud"
You pull the trigger of my..."Love Gun" followed.
Gene Simmons’ notorious fire-spitting for Firehouse 
No rockets were shoot from the guitar during "Shock Me" the highlight of the show the fantastic hidden gem on the Destroyer album "Flaming Youth" sent chills down the spine. Gene did a haunting blood ritual before blasting out a bass solo and flying to the top of the lighting rig and bursting in to heavy"Warmachine" before the sleek, streamlined pop-metal missile "Crazy Crazy Nights" hit the audience. It´s "Gold Gin" time again Gene declared. Paul Stanley got the audience to "Say Yeah". Simmons sounded great vocally and was on fire stalking the stage and flick his famous, freakishly long tongue and shined on his four-stringed runs on “Let Me Go, Rock ‘N’ Roll,” frequently willing to stray away from the song’s root-note territory.
During "Psycho Circus" Paul Stanley flyed on a harness out to a moving platform in the middle of Tele2 arena.
Black Diamond sets of a myriad of pyrotechnics and fireworks
The demon are watching you!
"Rock and Roll All Night" Simmons and Thayer rode over the audience on hydraulic lifts.
Streamers and confetti showered the crowd "I Was Made For Loving You" and a pulverising Detroit Rock City unleashes a final shock-and-awe blast of pyrotechnics
The Swedish Crown Princess Victoria, Prince Daniel and Princess Estelle attended the show. 
Footnote: all images with the name of the blog are taken by me under the influence in the audience with a bad camera.

Motley Crue Final Tour STHLM

The chilling words of horror/legend/actor Vincent Price voice echoed out over the audience 
-Leaving lepidoptera - please, don't touch the display,little boy, aha cute! Moving to the next aisle we have arachnida, the spiders, our.. finest collection.This friendly little devil is the heptothilidi,unfortunately harmless. Next to him, the nasty licosaraptoria, his tiny fangs cause creeping ulcerations of the skin *laugh*. And here, my prize, the BlackWidow. Isn't she lovely?.. and so deadly. Her kiss is fifteen times as poisonous as that of the rattlesnake.You see her venom is highly neurotoxic, which is to say that it attacks the central nervous system causing intense pain, profuse sweating, difficulty in breathing, loss of consciousness, violent convulsions and, finally.. death. You know what I think I love the most about her is her inborn need to dominate,possess. In fact, immediately after the consummation of her marriage to the smaller and weaker male of the species she kills and eats him - *laugh* oh, she is delicious.. and I hope he was! Such power and dignity unhampered by sentiment. If I may put forward a slice of personal philosophy, I feel that man has ruled this world as a stumbling dimented child-king long enough! And as his empire crumbles, my precious Black Widow shall rise as his most fitting successor!

Following "Black Widow" Alice Cooper launched into "No More Mr. Nice Guy"
A guitar shreedin, hair-spinning Nita Strauss
You'd gift wrap a leper
And mail him to your Aunt Jane
You'd even force-feed a diabetic a candy cane
You can go to Hell
Alice Cooper gets strapped onto a giant operating table and disappear in a cloud of smoke with sparklers and explosions going off and a giant Alice Cooper Frankenstein monster emerged and  prowls the stage mouthing "Feed My Frankenstein" lyrics.
Alice Cooper is put in a straitjacket by nurse rozetta in "Ballad of Dwight Fry," as the song builts to a climax Alice Cooper yells "Don't touch me!" and starts to strangle nurse rozetta with the sleeves of his straitjacket.
Nurse Rozetta escapes the stranglehold and stabs Alice, leds him off to the guillotine during "I Love the Dead," 
The executioner holds Alice Coopers severed head 
"So Long, Farewell" (Sound of Music) is played through the speakers before Motley Crue hit the stage with "Girls,Girls Girls" giant steel spikes  spews flames of fire, Tommy Lee  shoots fireworks out of his bass drum.
Crue burts into "Wild Side"
"Same Ol' Situation (S.O.S.)"
"Don't Go Away Mad (Just Go Away)"
During "Shout at the Devil" Sixx shoots flames from a blowtorch attached to his bass, chanting the chorus into a microphone suspended from a flaming stand.
Tommy Lee’s spinning drum riser taking off along a rail weaving 50 feet over the audience
The Crüecifly spins upside down while Tommy keeps on drumming.
The Crüecifly stops at a little stage in the middle of the audience and goes back to the main stage again.
Sixx delivers a heartfelt speech how the knife he carries in his boot inspired him to follow his dreams. 
"Kickstart My Heart" Sixx and Neil sweeps over the audience on cranes that spurt fire and ticker tape
Footnote: all images with the name of the blog are taken by me under the influence in the audience with a bad camera.

Nightwish Stockholm

Richard Dawkins (professor biologist & writer) voice echoed out and curtain dropped and pyro flared to the sound of "Shudder Before The Beautiful", Floor and Marco shared the vocals during  "Yours Is an Empty Hope"The beautiful "Ever Dream" followed.
The powerfull operatic "Wishmaster" sent the audience into a total frenzy. The celitic influenced "My Walden" took us into a bass solo that emerged into "The Islander".Troy Donockley stepped out to the stage with Uilleann Pipes for "Elan" 
Dawkins' narration started "Weak Fantasy",New/Stand in drummer Kai Hahto (ex. Wintersun) did a tremendous job all through the concert, impressive. Kai Hahto and keyboard player Tuomas Holopainen showed their skills through a battle into "7 Days to the Wolves" fans shouted - "we were here" during "Alpenglow"
When the catchy and energetic"Storytime" ended, the piano opening for "Nemo" got the crowd on their feet and the fantastic "Stargazer" got them to scream their lungs out before "Sleeping Sun" captured the audience.
Floor did an outstanding vocal performance during the amazing "Ghost Love Score"  Floor climbed onto a heightened section of the stage while bursts of smoke surrounded her, Floor hit those majestic notes, it sent shivers down my spine and almost brought tears to my eyes.
The Imaginaerum album cover rollercoaster/theme park was showed on the screen during "Last Ride of the Day" The haunting piano piece by Tuomas alone on the stage started "The Greatest Show on Earth" Floor joined with operatic vocals and the screen showed nature and evolution to match the lyrics.
Footnote: all images with the name of the blog are taken by me under the influence in the audience with a bad camera.

MANOWAR Gods & Kings STHLM 2016

Legendary american director Orson Welles voice echos through the arena 'Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome, from the United States of America, all hail, Manowar!

Manowar took stage with their eponymous track followed by a heavy version of "Die For Metal" before a  glorious "Call To The Arms" got the audience on their feet, a majestic version of "King of Kings" with singer Eric Adams at the top of his game. "Lords of Steel" sounded good live (in opposite to the horrible sound/production on the album)

"Kings of Metal" got the crowd screaming Manowar Kills! the band sounded great in the the mighty epic "Gods of War" highlighted by the vocal prowess of lead man Eric Adams who  was nothing short of phenomenal. Manowar  showed  a video entitled Fallen Heroes dedicated to individuals who had passed that had influenced Manowar, photos of  Dio, Lemmy  and former Manowar drummer Scott Columbus drew loud cheers from the audience.
A thunderous "House of Death" got the  audience into a frenzy. Manowar launched into "Dawn of Battle" (a brilliant underrated track,  only released  on EP). "Hail and Kill" sent the crowd into a full metal fury  chanting Hail and Kill!


The encores was a heavy  "Warriors of the World" and a blistering "Black Wind Fire & Steel" 


Seeing Ghosts on Friday 13th

The now infamous eerie intro song "Masked Ball" (by Jocelyn Pook from the film Eyes Wide Shut) echoed out over the smoke infested stage and burnt incense coated the entire venue with a distinct smokey scent before Ghost launched into "Spirit" followed by "From the Pinnacle to the Pit" and  a "Ritual" got the (sold out) crowd on their feet.
The ceremony continued with a frantic "Con Clavi Con Dio" followed by the satanic melodies of "Per Aspera ad Inferi" and a heavy "Majesty".
Papa Emeritus III brought out the nuns for a communion  during "Body and Blood" 
A Haunting "Cirice" captured the crowd before "Year Zero" sent them into a Frenzy
"He is" went into a super heavy metalic "Absolution" and "Mummy Dust" appeared.
An excellent acoustic version of "Jigolo Har Megiddo" was performed and a electric 
Ghuleh/Zombie Queen took over. A chilling "If You Have Ghosts" sent chivers down the audience spines and it was time for the "Monstrance Clock" that ended the cermony.
Last words:
No "Elizabeth" was performed?
Ghost still doesn´t perform their magical version of ABBA´s "I¨m A Marrionette" live?
A Ghost version of Alice Cooper´s - He´s Back (The Man Behind the Mask)  the theme song of Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives would have been a nightmare come true.
Footnote: all images with the name of the blog are taken by me under the influence in the audience with a bad camera.

Alice Cooper Gröna Lund

"Hello Horray" Alice Cooper walks through a sparkling glitter rain to greet the audience. Backed by a glorious three-guitar army featuring Nita Strauss (a worthy new replacement for ace ax shredder Orianthi) 
Alice Cooper sets the "House of Fire" to prove he is "No More Mr Nice Guy"
fueled by three electric guitars, bass and drums.
Alice Cooper guitarist Nita Strauss "Bite Your Face Off"
During “Under My Wheels”  Alice Cooper non-verbally instructed the guitarists to out-shredd each other.“Billion Dollar Babies” saw the frontman working with a fencing-sword that had billion dollar novelty currency lining it which he shook off for front row souvenirs.A sarky version of 'Hey Stoopid' proves a great sing-along.Drummer Glen Sobel let sparks fly, firing flares from his drumsticks during "Dirty Diamonds."
Alice Cooper stabs a paparazzi with his microphone stand he´s should also stab the person who tought it was a good idea to play four tired cover songs after each other?  Why not play some songs from the highly underrated albums "Constrictor"  and "Raise Your Fist and Yell" instead? songs like "Life and Death of the Party", "Gail" and "Roses on White Lace".
Alice Cooper  "Welcome To My Nightmare" sporting a real, live boa constrictor wrapped around his neck like a scarf and showering it with kisses. You can "Go To Hell" when Alice Cooper does a stunning version of "He´s Back (the man behind the mask)" that became a #1 hit in Sweden (theme from the motion picture Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives)
Giant frankenstein Alice Cooper coming for you..
During “Feed My Frankenstein”  Cooper was strapped into a guerne, electrocuted and through the smoke, emerged as a 15 foot version of himself. A “naughty” nurse appeared during Ballad Of Dwight Frye to administer a syringe to a straight-jacketed Alice, as the song built to a climax, Cooper yelled "Don't touch me!" and tried to strangle the "naughty nurse" with the sleeves of his straight-jacket. But the "naughty nurse" stabbed him in the legs and he was led to the guillotine. The beheading was followed, by the track, "I Love the Dead," as the executioner held his severed head aloft, eventually french-kissing it.
Cooper returned, head intact, to bring the concert to a climax with "School's Out," featuring a mash-up with Pink Floyd's "Another Brick in the Wall." When the show ended Alice introduced his band and his actress, introducing himself with "Playing the part of Alice Cooper tonight, from Phoenix, Arizona, me."

Footnote: all images with the name of the blog are taken by me under the influence in the audience with a bad camera.

Ace Frehley Gröna Lund

 Ace Frehley kick off with a storming version"Rocket Ride" against a wall of Marshalls that pilloried the stage."Gimme A Feeling" and "Toys" from his latest album was next before a menacing version of the brilliant "Parasite", "Love Gun" followed with drummer Scotty Coogan (Nikki Sixx Brides of Destruction) providing Paul Stanley-esque vocals. Ace Frehley looks sharp and appears to be  enjoying this new chapter of his career.
Longtime Frehley’s Comet bandmate, Richie Scarlet shined when he took center stage on classics like “Breakout” and “2 Young 2 Die,” which he dedicated to the memory of former Kiss drummer, Eric Carr.
The great autobiographical “Rock Solders” from Frehley’s Comet got the crowd into a frenzy with their fists flying in the air, the dark and heavy "Strange Ways" was sung by the bass player Chris Wyse (Cult, Ozzy) after a seriously wicked, bass solo with dirty riffs and melodic finger tapping."New York Groove" got the audience clapping and sing along."Shock Me," led into a smoking guitar solo - literally.
Ace Frehley was on fire and his playing was totally on point, nailing every solo. "Rip It Out" and "Deuce" ended the set. Ace Frehley could have skipped the KISS songs he didn´t write and played more of his own fantastic tracks like "Gold Gin", "Talk To Me", "Into The Night" and the title song from the criminally underrated album "Trouble Walkin`" that just been released again, remastered with a 16 page full color booklet, rare photos and new linter notes.

Ghost Gröna Lund

The Darkness fell over Sweden's oldest amusement park. Strong winds and the heavy rain clouds created the perfect setting for tonight´s "Ritual", suddenly the eerie intro song "Masked Ball" (by Jocelyn Pook from the film Eyes Wide Shut) echoed out over the stage.
Five ghost appeared on the windy and smoke infeasted stage, slowly out of the shadows Papa Emeritus II emerged.
"The Ritual" got the whole amusement park audience chanting! 
Don't look in Papa Emeritus eyes! he might see straight into your soul!
"Elizabeth" created a truly occult atmosphere. 
A nun gave me communion wine during "Body and Blood" 
A heavy rainstorm came in the exact same moment when Papa Emeritus II and the five "nameless ghoulsstopped playing. A fitting exit for a group that claims to be sent by Satan himself to collect souls through hard rock.
Footnote: all images with the name of the blog are taken by me under the influence in the audience with a bad camera.

King Diamond Gröna Lund

"The Candle´s'' eerie intro echoed out over swedens oldest amusement park Gröna Lund (1883)The black curtain dropped and the bandmembers entered the stage one by one until King finally appeared and started "The Candle" and sent the audience into a frency.
The King made the audience an eternal deal during "Sleepless Nights"
 Mike Wead with his signature guitar JV 1 and Andy La Rocque
 We were "Welcome Home" before the band played a ferocious "Never Ending Hill"
Husband and wife sings together King and Livia
I see the Puppet Master high above on the walkway
He pulls one string and up goes a leg.. Down goes a head
He pulls one more and he lets them all go!
Medley: "Tea" (Them), "Dreams" (Spiders Lullabye), "Digging Graves" (The Graveyard)
 King Diamond introduce new touring bassist Pontus Egberg (The Poodles)
The Mercyful Fate songs "Evil" and "Come to the Sabbath" made the crowd go ballistic.
Shapes Of Black, THEY try to kill my flame
Shapes Of Black, Ah THEY're driving me insane
A heavy version of "The Eye of the Witch" was performed before we were visited by the "Family Ghost" and a thunderous "Black Horsemen" took us into the night.
Dr.Landua experimenting on Grandma
King assists Dr. Landua and Reverend Sammael to put a struggling Grandma into the coffin.
King Diamond is looking straight into your soul, tonight he'll collect it.
Footnote: all images with the name of the blog are taken by me under the influence, in the audience with a bad camera.

King Diamond: Part I and II
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