Gene Simmons Band Gröna Lund

The eerie laughter from the intro to "Radioactive" spread over Sweden's oldest amusement park
"Deuce" exploded out of the speakers as Gene Simmons Band took the stage. The three guitarist attack started the party anthem "Shout It Out Loud" and a thundering "Parasite" followed.Simmons invited fans to come up on stage and chant "I Love It Loud" first verse of "Unholy" was played and the audience wanted more but got "Love Theme From KISS" instead
Monsterous and heavy "Warmachine" sent the crowd into a frenzy 
A pumping  "She´s So European" got the audience in a perfect party mood in the hot Stockholm night.
To hot for some so they had to call "Dr. Love" that got us in to the magical "Charisma" 
"I" believe in something moreThan you can understand Yes, "I" believe in me
"Cold Gin" time again Gene invited girls from the crowd up to the stage to sing the chorus to
"Do You Love Me" Wendy O` Willams song "It´s My Life" (written by Gene) made an impact.
from Gene Simmons Vault box set  we got "Are You Ready" 
A super heavy three guitar attack "Watchin´You" "Fits Like A Glove"
"Let Me Go, Rock N Roll" got audience on the stage for "Rock and Roll All Nite"
We got "Christeen Sixteen" for encore. A truly magical night in Stockholm!
42 years after the legendary KISS concert at Gröna Lund.

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