World Premiere! Lugnet - "Begging"

70´s classic hard rock act Lugnet is releasing “Begging” a brand new music video and single on video and music streaming services together with a cover of Sweet´s “Cockroach”. “Begging” is the first Lugnet song featuring new bandmembers singer Johan Fahlberg and guitarist Matti Norlin.


Lugnet will play at Sweden Rock Festival “Rockklassiker  Stage”, Friday 8 June, 23:15

From Sweden Rock Festivals Website:

“Sweden's Lugnet (pronounced "loong-net", meaning "the calm" in Swedish) deliver the tough, gritty sounds of '70s hard rock. Their eponymous debut was released in 2016 to great praise for its solid grooves and powerful songwriting reminiscent of Rival Sons and Blues Pills.”

World Premiere!Nekrodelirium - Distorted Device

We bring you wickedness and darkness with Nekrodelirium - Distorted Device

World Premiere!Nekrodelirium - Necromentia

World Premiere! Frantic Amber - Gráinne Mhaol

 Welcome to Frantic City! Once You go In, You don't Come Out...

World Premiere! Lugnet - Nightwalker

Survival of the fastest..

World Premiere! Nekrodelirium - Grief

Premiere! Nekrodelirium - Grief

Tarantino's favorite Swedish actress returns

Lugnet - "It Ain´t Easy" Grindhouse/Horror the sequel to "All The Way" Grindhouse 

Featuring: Christina Lindberg "Thriller: They Call Her One Eye" 



World Premiere! Frantic Amber - "Soar"

In 2014 professor Stephen Hawking predicted that the development of full artificial intelligence could spell the end of the human race...

World Premiere! Houston - "Standing on the Moon"

Houston "Standing on the Moon" Thanks to the firefighters at botkyrka fire station.

Grindhouse trailers feat: Christina Lindberg

Lugnet "All The Way" Grindhouse Trailer (Part I)
 Lugnet - "It Ain´t Easy" Grindhouse/Horror Trailer (Part II)
Christina Lindberg achieved her most enduring cult cinema fame with her outstanding performance as Frigga, a much abused and traumatized one-eyed mute, who exacts a harsh retribution on her tormentors in the brutal and controversial revenge opus Thriller - A Cruel Picture (1974) banned by the Swedish film censorship board.
Thriller was a groundbreaking Swedish grindhouse film from the early 1970s which rose to notoriety in the 2000s as the primary inspiration for American director Quentin Tarantino’s Kill Bill movies. “I love Christina Lindberg,” Tarantino said in 2003. “And that’s definitely who Daryl Hannah’s character is based on. Thriller is, of all the revenge movies I’ve ever seen, that is definitely the roughest. The roughest revenge movie ever made! There’s never been anything as tough as that movie.”
Quentin Tarantino and Daryl Hannah on the "Kill Bill" set.
Strictly limited/numbered Lugnet "All The Way" (Christina Lindberg cover) Vinyl/Poster
Strictly limited/numbered Lugnet "All The Way" (Christina Lindberg cover) cd-single.
Ultimate Lugnet/Christina Lindberg "All The Way" fan pack beer, t-shirt and cd-single.
Grindhouse Night! Premiere of Lugnet's "All The Way" grindhouse music video. Film critic Ronny Svensson interviewed Christina Lindberg, the lead actress in the ultimate grindhouse movie "Thriller: They Call Her One Eye"(1974). Lugnet's showcase gig was killer!

World Premiere! HOG - Halo Turns Black

 HOG´s video is finished! Worship the cult of the HOG!
HOG - "Halo Turns Black" is a prequel to HOG - "Monolith" 
Follow the HOG cult of Women!
Push Play! So will the videos be played in the correct order

World Premiere! Kardinal Sin - Dragons Fall

Kardinal Sin´s video is finished! What is your Kardinal Sin? Anger, Greed, Lust, Envy, Pride, Gluttony or Sloth.

World Premiere! Frantic Amber - Burning Insight

Frantic Amber´s new music video is finished! Watch It! It´s not for the faint-hearted!
Frantic Amber´s debut full-length album "Burning Insight" is out now in Sweden!

World Premiere! Houston - "Our Love"

New music video produced! Houston - "Our Love" (Lyric Video). The perfect summer song! chock-full of melodic rock and heavenly choruses, glistening harmonies and lyrics about larger-than life love.

World premiere HOG "Monolith"

HOG music video "Monolith" is finished JOIN THE CULT! Press Play!

Världspremiär Supralunar - Nine Candles

Supralunars - Nine Candles musikvideo är klar! Ta en musikalisk resa med Supralunar press play!

Premiär 2 the Gallows - "Shotgun Retribution"

 2 the Gallows nya musikvideo är klar dags för SHOTGUN RETRIBUTION!!

Netherbird - video featuring Miss Rubber World

Netherbird  -  "Elegance and Sin" featuring Miss Rubber World 2013
Nu är Netherbirds nya musikvideo är klar! Miss Rubber World medverkar tillsammans
med andra fetish modeller.

Världspremiär Disdained - I Live For Your Pain

Disdaineds musikvideo "I Live For Your Pain" är klar se den i 1080HD

Världspremiär Frantic Amber - Bleeding Sanity


Frantic Ambers nya musikvideo "Bleeding Sanity" är klar se den i 1080HD.

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