MANOWAR Gods & Kings STHLM 2016

Legendary american director Orson Welles voice echos through the arena 'Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome, from the United States of America, all hail, Manowar!

Manowar took stage with their eponymous track followed by a heavy version of "Die For Metal" before a  glorious "Call To The Arms" got the audience on their feet, a majestic version of "King of Kings" with singer Eric Adams at the top of his game. "Lords of Steel" sounded good live (in opposite to the horrible sound/production on the album)

"Kings of Metal" got the crowd screaming Manowar Kills! the band sounded great in the the mighty epic "Gods of War" highlighted by the vocal prowess of lead man Eric Adams who  was nothing short of phenomenal. Manowar  showed  a video entitled Fallen Heroes dedicated to individuals who had passed that had influenced Manowar, photos of  Dio, Lemmy  and former Manowar drummer Scott Columbus drew loud cheers from the audience.
A thunderous "House of Death" got the  audience into a frenzy. Manowar launched into "Dawn of Battle" (a brilliant underrated track,  only released  on EP). "Hail and Kill" sent the crowd into a full metal fury  chanting Hail and Kill!


The encores was a heavy  "Warriors of the World" and a blistering "Black Wind Fire & Steel" 


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