Best Albums of 2016


1.Metallica - Hardwired ... to self-destruct


Metallica are back with a vengeance!!


Disc 1 is almost flawless and opens up with  the  titel song it´s a fast thrasher with Megadeth vibes. "Atlas Rise" is mighty and heavy with a catchy verse. "Moth To A Flame" is another standout track with heavy riffage and it´s menacing groove.


Disc2  It's too long, with too many tracks that go nowhere. But those songs that do work are good . "ManUnkind" and "Murder One" are substandard .The closing thrasher "Spit Out The Bone" are killer..


Disc3  Cool Metallica rarities and  the superb '"Lords of Summer" 


2. Megadeth - Dystopia

Dystopia is chockfull of thought provoking lyrics, machine gun precision guitar riffs and soaring lead work with new bloods monster drummer Chris Adler  (Lamb of God) and  Brazil guitarist  Kiki Loureiro. Megadeth's best album in ten years is a fact,  the title track is already a true Megadeth classic.



3.Burning Point - The Blaze

Burning Point drafts  singer Nitte Valo (ex. Battle Beast) who have lungs of steel, a female Rob Halford with superb power and Burning Point are now playing  in the Elite League.


"Master Them All" a speedy and high octane melodic track which really shows off the vocal talents of Nitte Valo.



4. Testament - the Brotherhood of the Snake

The albums is a three headed snake thrash attack!


Title track is a true thrash storm with adrenalizing,  crushing  riffs, shredding, blast beats and great thrash vocal delivery and  is a primer for everything that follows.


5. Lugnet - Lugnet


Christina Lindberg in her "Frigga" regalia (Thriller - They Call Her One Eye) are  pointing relentlessly at you from the album cover before you get knocked out by the hard "All The Way" that takes the wind out of your "Sails" 

The midnight clock strikes mercilessly in heavy "Veins" that echo Black Sabbath Tony Martin era. "Tears in the Sky" got an early Whitesnake feel .Catchy "It Ain't Easy" sounds like a hungry Deep Purple before the dices roles in "Gypsy Dice" . There's a storm brewing "In The Still Of The Water" and "Into the Light" brings you into eternity ..


6. Amon Amarth - Jomsviking

The album is a big, dragon-headed longship that sails straight into the mouth of Valhalla.


Highlights are fast "First Kill" with guitars sounding like a swarm of bees and the metallic onslaught of "One Against All" the heavy riffer  "At Dawns First Light".



7. Killswitch Engage - Incarnate

Incarnate has intricate rhythmic guitar playing and brain-splitting riffs with a rhythm section that locks it down hard.


"Hate By Design" is very heavy and super catchy has a chorus is worthy of a sing-along.  "Strength of the Mind" classic Killswitch on steroids.  "Until the Day" up-tempo and bombastic  with  80s metal influences  and a chorus fit for stadiums


8. Serious Black - Mirror World

Sci-fi cinematic intro introduces you to the melodic/power metal in "As Long As I'm Alive" a fast paced track with  a catchy chorus and superb vocals, "Castor Skies" has a perfect mix of melodic/power and  progressive metal elements. Great  twin guitar attack trough the album trading licks on the solos e.t.c.  


9. Inglourious - Inglorious

Title track opens with uber-heavy guitar riffage and has a great arena chorus, the massive riff and groove in "You Are Mine" get your body to  move voluntarily or involuntarily.  The Hammond orgy in "Until I Die" and the great vocal effort sets the agenda of the album.

 10. Last In Line - Heavy Crown

Solid straight up hard rock album with passion and power. Last in Line is the band line-up from the three first Dio albums joined by Andrew Freeman vocals. Highs are the epic "Starmaker" and fast "Martyr".

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