World Premiere! Houston - "Standing on the Moon"

Houston "Standing on the Moon" Thanks to the firefighters at botkyrka fire station.


All you mutants out there! check out GRUESOME they keep the legacy of the classic "Death" sound alive.  
The "old-school death metal supergroup" Gruesome are guitarist/vocalist Matt Harvey (Exhumed) and drummer Gus Rios' (Malevolent Creation) Possessed guitarist Daniel Gonzalez and Derketa bassist Robin Mazen.
"Savage Land"  song themes evolve around deadly diseases and 80´s horror movies and gore. "Closed Casket" (a tribute song to Death´s "Open Casket) features a guest solo by Death guitarist James Murphy. Legendary illustrator Ed Repka delivers  the cannibalistic cover art 
Gruesome - "Savage Land" Official Music Video! Warning not for the faint-hearted!

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