Nightwish Stockholm

Richard Dawkins (professor biologist & writer) voice echoed out and curtain dropped and pyro flared to the sound of "Shudder Before The Beautiful", Floor and Marco shared the vocals during  "Yours Is an Empty Hope"The beautiful "Ever Dream" followed.
The powerfull operatic "Wishmaster" sent the audience into a total frenzy. The celitic influenced "My Walden" took us into a bass solo that emerged into "The Islander".Troy Donockley stepped out to the stage with Uilleann Pipes for "Elan" 
Dawkins' narration started "Weak Fantasy",New/Stand in drummer Kai Hahto (ex. Wintersun) did a tremendous job all through the concert, impressive. Kai Hahto and keyboard player Tuomas Holopainen showed their skills through a battle into "7 Days to the Wolves" fans shouted - "we were here" during "Alpenglow"
When the catchy and energetic"Storytime" ended, the piano opening for "Nemo" got the crowd on their feet and the fantastic "Stargazer" got them to scream their lungs out before "Sleeping Sun" captured the audience.
Floor did an outstanding vocal performance during the amazing "Ghost Love Score"  Floor climbed onto a heightened section of the stage while bursts of smoke surrounded her, Floor hit those majestic notes, it sent shivers down my spine and almost brought tears to my eyes.
The Imaginaerum album cover rollercoaster/theme park was showed on the screen during "Last Ride of the Day" The haunting piano piece by Tuomas alone on the stage started "The Greatest Show on Earth" Floor joined with operatic vocals and the screen showed nature and evolution to match the lyrics.
Footnote: all images with the name of the blog are taken by me under the influence in the audience with a bad camera.

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Nightwish is a really great band, and Marko Hietala a real great singer also, In my favorite band Avantasia.

2016-03-27 @ 19:12:12

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