Butcher Babies

The twin vocal attack from Heidi Shepherd and Carla Harvey will shatter you. The intensity of their liveperformance makes your body tremble from the razor charged avalanche of sound and fury.Butcher Babies spawned out of The City of Angels with their furious mix of mean riffs, groove and haunting melodies. 
Josh Wilbur [Gojira, Lamb Of God, Hatebreed] helmet the production of the debut album "Goliath" the album kick off with the menacing "I Smell A Massacre" that deliver total intensity, crush and heaviness. "Magnoila Blvd" picks up the pace adding more groove, melody and a infectous chorus. "In Denial" delivers a groove monster with great lead guitar work and double bass drumming. If you think Butcher Babies isn´t a talented band you are "In Denial"

Postat av: Christer

Jösses! :-)
Jag älskar Otep, så det där ska jag lyssna mer på!

Postat av: Grimgoth

Kul och bra läsning kring bandet, blir att följa dom lite lätt nu på deras väg. :)

2014-10-26 @ 11:27:20
URL: http://grimgoth.blogg.se

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