KISS' follow-up to the critically acclaimed "Sonic Boom" album will be called "Monster." The band is currently working on the album in Los Angeles for a 2012 release. Paul is producing again.
Gene Simmons: This new record feels heavier than Sonic Boom. It feels like there's a connection between Destroyer and Revenge.

Paul Stanley:The new album will leave Sonic Boom in the dust It´s Sonic Boom on steroids.The new album cover will be similar to the Destroyer 

Eric Singer
:It’s a straight-ahead rock KISS record and I think this stuff is stronger better material (than Sonic Boom). It’s more riff-y which makes it more interesting." "This album will have more production (than Sonic Boom), so in that sense it might be leaning more towards a Destroyer type approach. I’ve asked to have my drums put in a bigger room because I want to get a big sound… a more bombastic drum sound. We’ve taken more time to get better sounds on this recording."

Tommy Thayer
:The songs will be "more riff-oriented" and will be slightly heavier than those on "Sonic Boom".This is definitely some of the best stuff Kiss has ever recorded.

KISS is planning a massive 2012-2013 "Monster" world tour which will take the band around the globe.


Postat av: 80smetalman

If it is anything like Destroyer, then the new Kiss album should be fantastic.

2011-09-30 @ 05:35:34

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