Ghost Gröna Lund

The Darkness fell over Sweden's oldest amusement park. Strong winds and the heavy rain clouds created the perfect setting for tonight´s "Ritual", suddenly the eerie intro song "Masked Ball" (by Jocelyn Pook from the film Eyes Wide Shut) echoed out over the stage.
Five ghost appeared on the windy and smoke infeasted stage, slowly out of the shadows Papa Emeritus II emerged.
"The Ritual" got the whole amusement park audience chanting! 
Don't look in Papa Emeritus eyes! he might see straight into your soul!
"Elizabeth" created a truly occult atmosphere. 
A nun gave me communion wine during "Body and Blood" 
A heavy rainstorm came in the exact same moment when Papa Emeritus II and the five "nameless ghoulsstopped playing. A fitting exit for a group that claims to be sent by Satan himself to collect souls through hard rock.
Footnote: all images with the name of the blog are taken by me under the influence in the audience with a bad camera.

World Premiere! Frantic Amber - Burning Insight

Frantic Amber´s new music video is finished! Watch It! It´s not for the faint-hearted!
Frantic Amber´s debut full-length album "Burning Insight" is out now in Sweden!

Getaway Rock Festival 2014

Getaway Rock Festival 2014 started with a downpour just as the previous year's festival.
First out in the rain was a psyched The Haunted with  two returning band members vocalist Marco Aro and drummer Adrian Erlandsson, topped with  newcomer guitarist Ola Englund. Gone are the band members who were trying to change thrashers The Haunted into a third-class post-metal band on their last three albums.
Expectations are soaring after hearing two amazing thrash songs from The Haunteds upcoming album "Exit Wounds". The rains falls and so does The Haunted, until they play "Trespass" from their magnum opus "haunted made me do it"
They serve us "All Against All", D.O.A. and "Hollow Ground" before they force-feed us with the sleeping pill "The Guilt Trip" why? We get a powerful "No Compromise" and a ballistic "Bury Your Dead" concludes the concert,
Steel Panther takes the main stage to a packed crowd consisting of more women than men. "Pussywhiped" starts the dirty, gritty  high energy rock n´ roll party. The spandex-clad LA four-piece wowed the audience with great songs, explicit banter and excellent musicianship.
Steel Panther guitarist Satchel inform us that singer Michael Starr is 67 years old and tells a gentleman in the audience to stop flashing him his man boobs. During "17 Girls In A Row" a dozen swedish female fans takes the stage.
For the first time ever The Agonist hit the stage in Sweden with a blistering "Disconnect Me"from their upcoming album. The Agonist blend between melodic death metal and progressive death metal stunned the Swedish audience,
New singer Vicky Psarakis did a fantastic job and the band performed a super tight set and melted the audience faces with a killer version of "Thank You Pain". GRF did not do such a fantastic job with the artist schedule when they put The Agonist on at the same time as Arch Enemy were Alissa White-Gluz (ex The Agonist) is the singer. The Agonist and Arch Enemy appeals to the same audience
A new born Arch Enemy goes for the knock out and takes the crowd by storm. The new band members guitarist Nick Cordle and vocalist Alissa White-Gluz have brought new blood into Arch Enemy.
Arch Enemy is on fire and delivering a super heavy version of "My Apocalypse"
 The new songs from Arch Enemys latest album "War Eternal" fits perfectly in the setlist
and "No Gods, No Masters" gets the whole audience jumping and a furious "Nemesis"
level the Getaway Rock Festival.
See Getaway Rock Festival 2012 and 2013: Here!
Footnote: all images with the name of the blog are taken by me under the influence in the audience with a bad camera.

King Diamond Gröna Lund

"The Candle´s'' eerie intro echoed out over swedens oldest amusement park Gröna Lund (1883)The black curtain dropped and the bandmembers entered the stage one by one until King finally appeared and started "The Candle" and sent the audience into a frency.
The King made the audience an eternal deal during "Sleepless Nights"
 Mike Wead with his signature guitar JV 1 and Andy La Rocque
 We were "Welcome Home" before the band played a ferocious "Never Ending Hill"
Husband and wife sings together King and Livia
I see the Puppet Master high above on the walkway
He pulls one string and up goes a leg.. Down goes a head
He pulls one more and he lets them all go!
Medley: "Tea" (Them), "Dreams" (Spiders Lullabye), "Digging Graves" (The Graveyard)
 King Diamond introduce new touring bassist Pontus Egberg (The Poodles)
The Mercyful Fate songs "Evil" and "Come to the Sabbath" made the crowd go ballistic.
Shapes Of Black, THEY try to kill my flame
Shapes Of Black, Ah THEY're driving me insane
A heavy version of "The Eye of the Witch" was performed before we were visited by the "Family Ghost" and a thunderous "Black Horsemen" took us into the night.
Dr.Landua experimenting on Grandma
King assists Dr. Landua and Reverend Sammael to put a struggling Grandma into the coffin.
King Diamond is looking straight into your soul, tonight he'll collect it.
Footnote: all images with the name of the blog are taken by me under the influence, in the audience with a bad camera.

King Diamond: Part I and II
Mercyful Fate: Part I and II

World Premiere! Houston - "Our Love"

New music video produced! Houston - "Our Love" (Lyric Video). The perfect summer song! chock-full of melodic rock and heavenly choruses, glistening harmonies and lyrics about larger-than life love.


Take the ride of your life with Skineater!
Skineaters music will capture you with is brutallity and haunting melodic melodies. Skineater is the perfect hybrid between  Florida Death Metal and Gothenburg Melodic Death Metal.
The great musicianship and technical playing that fuels the crunching riffage assault and catchy death metal melodies puts Skineater (consisting of old Swedish Death Metal veterans) in the front row of new Death Metal bands to look out for.


Support Skineater buy the album directly from the band : cd 15 usd(shipping included world wide) 107kr ink frakt

Paul Stanley - Face the Music

Paul Stanley has long been the most private of all the original Kiss members. Stanley truly unmasks for the very first time his life and takes us on a remarkable and inspiring journey. He tells his story with a brutal honesty. Having been born in a dysfunctional family  and with a deformity of his right ear, being partially deaf, he learns from an early age that life is all about how you accept and deal with your limitations.Through his troubled youth he only found solace in a single thing - music. After playing in a couple of going nowhere bands he found a bandmate with the same passion and drive to make it, in bassplayer Gene Simmons.Together they found drummer Peter Criss and guitarist Ace Frehley and  formed the band KISS, the bandmembers kept  their identities secret with KISS make up and costumes that symbolised their alter egos.
KISS became one of the hardest touring bands and slowly built up an loyal fanbase. After three strong studioalbums, the live album KISS "ALIVE" catapulted KISS through the stratosphere from rockstars to superstars. (To this day KISS "ALIVE" is one of the most sold live albums of all time.)
Paul highlights the good times as well as the bad. He goes out of his way to detail the camaraderie in the original lineup and how important the original lineup was to the success of KISS. Paul is self-critical, unlike other KISS members and rock stars in general. Ace and Peter allowed drugs and alcohol to ruin their creativity and Gene got more and more self absorbed.
Paul Stanley's book is a revealing account of what it's like to be a member of one of the biggest bands in the world.The book contains never-before-seen photos and images throughout. Stanley is unwilling to put up with two-faced  people (using a GN´R guitarist as an example). An important part in the book is when he  saw the theatrical production of “The Phantom of the Opera.” with his then girlfriend british pop star and pinup girl Samantha Fox. This would later have a tremendous impact on his life.
Get a copy of "Face The Musik" and let your Journey begin..

LA Kings Stanley Cup Champions 2014


STHLM Fields Snakepit

STHLM Fields set a new attendence record with 51863 consert-goers. Never Before has so many people visited a festival in Sweden. STHLM Fields line-up Spiders, Gojira, Cult of Luna, Mastodon, Ghost, Slayer, Danzig, Metallica.
Seeing ghosts in broad daylight in the heart of Stockholm!
The sound of the intro song "Masked Ball" (by Jocelyn Pook from the film Eyes Wide Shut) is echoing out across STHLM Fields followed by the chant Belial, Behemoth, Beelzebub, Asmodeus, Satanas, Lucifer, slowly ghost start to appear on the stage, from the shadows Papa Emeritus II takes the stage  singing Hail Satan, Archangelo,Hail Satan, Welcome Year Zero!
 The Chapel serves us a mean "Prime Mover''' and a uplifting "Stand By Him"
"The Ritual" get the crowd going, then Papa Emeritus II comand us to sing a long in "Monstrance Clock"and the ghosts disappear  one by one while the crowd keep  singing -Come together, together as a one Come together for Lucifer’s son.
Raining Blood STHLM
"World Painted Blood" from Slayer latest album open the festivities followed by "Hate Worldwide" and nasty "Necrophiliac" and a "Captor of Sin". The Late Jeff Hanneman is saluted with a new backdrop with a giant Heineken emblem that has exchanged out the words to "Hanneman - Angel Of Death Still Reigning 1964-2013".
 A furious "War Ensamble" set the pace.and it is "Mandatory Suicide"
Gary Holt (Exodus founder/chairman - Slayer member/hired gun)
A Happy Araya takes us back to the album Show No Mercy with "Die by the Sword"
I've waited for you to come,I've been here all alone,Now that you've arrived please stay a while,I promise I wont keep you long,I'll keep you FOREVER!! chants Araya in the beginning of "Dead Skin Mask"and then it is "Raining Blood" on the STHLM Fields with a touch of "Black Magic".

Slayer goes in for the kill with "South of Heaven" and "Angel of Death".
Tell your children not to walk my way. Tell your children not to hear my words. What they mean. What they say. Mother Mother sings a psyched Danzig
Metallica Harvesting the Sorrow in the STHLM Fields!
"Metallica by request"  tour is were the audience decides the songs Metallica play. The set list is different in each country, depending on how the audience voted. Metallica opens with a frenetic "Battery" followed by a mighty "Master of Puppets". Drink up, shoot in. Let the beatings begin Metallica Harvesting the sorrow in the STHLM Fields with a super heavy killer version of the song. 

Metallica debuted a new song "Lords of Summer" sounded promising if the shorted and rearrange the song and gave it a Bob Rock (Black Album mix)
The animated background in "One" was visually effective, but the pyro and fire was missed.
In Finland the audience  voted for "The Frayed Ends of Sanity" and Metallica performed the song live for the first time ever.  The Swedish audience chanted  Oh, Wee ,Oh, Oh Wo, taken from the song "The Frayed Ends of Sanity" to try to get Metallica to play "The Frayed Ends of Sanity" in Sweden too, James smiled and said you have to vote for it to hear it.

James is showing Lars the results of "Metallica by request" that pops up  on the screens behind the band for us to text-vote between"Whiskey in the Jar", "Wherever I May Roam"  and "The Four Hoursemen". It´s a close call between "The Four Hoursemen" and "Whiskey in Jar".
Text Vote!
 James eaten by the zombie crowd in the snakepit!
Footnote: all images with the name of the blog are taken by me under the influence in the audience with a bad camera.

Steel Panther - Gloryhole (Explicit)

WARNING:Portions of this video may contain graphic imagery which may offend and/or trigger sensitive viewers. Not recommended for viewing by persons under the age of 30. Viewer discretion is advised.
Visit your own Gloryhole!

Butcher Babies

The twin vocal attack from Heidi Shepherd and Carla Harvey will shatter you. The intensity of their liveperformance makes your body tremble from the razor charged avalanche of sound and fury.Butcher Babies spawned out of The City of Angels with their furious mix of mean riffs, groove and haunting melodies. 
Josh Wilbur [Gojira, Lamb Of God, Hatebreed] helmet the production of the debut album "Goliath" the album kick off with the menacing "I Smell A Massacre" that deliver total intensity, crush and heaviness. "Magnoila Blvd" picks up the pace adding more groove, melody and a infectous chorus. "In Denial" delivers a groove monster with great lead guitar work and double bass drumming. If you think Butcher Babies isn´t a talented band you are "In Denial"

Basic Metal History 1970-75


Black Sabbath the godfathers of hardrock

Black Sabbath was formed in the heavy gritty industrial city of Birmingham,England. The  blues based band Earth discovered that they had to change name because there was already a band called Earth . A cross the street from their rehearsal room there was a cinema showing the horror film "Black Sabbath" so Earth changed their name to Black Sabbath. After the name change the band tuned down the guitars and started to include occult lyrics. They wanted to be musical equivalent of a horror film. During the process of writing the title song they used the musical tritone "Devils Interval" 

On Friday the 13th February 1970 Black Sabbath released their self titled debut album. The Ghostly album cover features a depiction of a old watermill standing in front of the mill is a woman dressed in black.The 1973 album Sabbath Bloody Sabbath contains some of Black Sabbaths finest moments from the iconic album cover to the title track.

 Black Sabbath "Sabbath Bloody Sabbath" musicvideo

 On the 3 of  June 1970 Deep Purple "Mark II" released  their  breakthrough album "In Rock" (with a Mount Rushmore inspired cover) .The guitar virtuoso Ritche Blackmores interplay with Jon Lord's distorted organ and Ian Gillan's high-pitched,  falsetto screaming vocals plus the heavy rhythm section of Glover and Paice, started to take on a unique identity thats shows in songs like "Highway Star and "Child In Time" , The 1972 album "Machine Head"  song "Smoke On The Water"  has one of the most  famous guitar riff of all time and are constantly played by beginners.

 Deep Purple "Highway Star" musicvideo

Led Zeppelin released their debut album 1969 (the front cover shows a black-and-white image of the burning hindenburg airship).  Many of Led Zeppelin´s  early songs were based on american blues standards. The guitar-driven heavy sound of Led Zeppelin made them one of the progenitors of hardrock. Led Zeppelin album IV features one of their most famous songs "Stairway To Heaven" other Zeppelin gems are "Rock n´ Roll","Immigrant song" and "Kashmir". During the 70ths Led Zeppelin climbed to new heights and got their own airplane it was nicknamed Starship (Boeing 720). Led Zeppelin became infamous for trashing hotel suits, throwing tv sets out of the windows and driving motorcycles through  hotel corridors.

 Led Zeppelin "Whole Lotta Love" musicvideo


 Alice Cooper (son of a priest) and "The Godfather of Shock Rock" formed the band Alice Cooper in Arizona, U.S.A.  After a stint in California and two psychedelic sounding albums that bombed the band relocated in Detroit and meet up with producer Bob Ezrin. Together they created Alice Coopers breakthrough album "Love It To Death".  Alice Coopers theatrical stage show is inspired by horror movies, vaudeville and the macabre. Alice Cooper are often stalking menancingly on the stage with a cane, whip or sword. During the show one of the actresses  (played by his wife then/now played by his daughter) would meet hear death through the hands of Alice Cooper.  In the end of the show Alice Cooper is  caught and brought to justice and sentenced to death by hanging, electric chair or the guillotine.

1972 album Schools Out  titel track became a monster hit and to this day is played all over the world when students graduate.  1973 album Billion Dollar Babies is Alice Coopers finest hour with killer tracks like "No More Mr Nice Guy", "Elected" and the haunting title track.

 Alice Cooper "Billion Dollar Babies" musicvideo


Out from Hannover Germany came Scorpions. In 1970 vocalist Klaus Meine and Rudolf Schenkers younger brother Michael (who was a guitar hero in the making) joined Scorpions. During a tour opening for the band UFO guitarist Michael Shenker got a proposal to join the headliner UFO. Michael took the offer and became the new lead guitarist for UFO and Scorpions had to continue the tour with another guitarist . Back home in Germany Scorpions drafted guitar virtuoso Uli Jon Roth. With their 1975 release In Trance Scorpions took a huge leap forward and started their own unique Scorpions heavy metal formula with songs like "Dark Lady", "Top of the bill and the title track.

Scorpions "Fly To The Rainbow" musicvideo


"Bad Boys of Boston" Aerosmith debuted  in 1973 with their self titled album featuring "Dream On" that became their first national hit. Singer Steven Tyler and lead guitarist Joe Perry got the nickname "The Toxic Twins" due to their rampant use of drugs on and of stage. Aerosmith magnum opus "Toys In The Attic" was released in 1975 and took Aerosmith to another level with songs like the title track, "Sweet Emotion"and "Walk This Way"

 Aerosmith "Sweet Emotion" musicvideo


 AC/DC came out of Sydney, Australia. Formed by the Young brother Angus and Malcolm.  AC/DC underwent several line-up changes until they found their ultimate line up with the charismatic lead singer Bon Scott.  To this day guitarist Angus has his characteristic school-uniform stage outfit onstage.  AC/DC high octane rock n´roll/hardrock took the world by surprise when they released  their international debut album "High Voltage"
 AC/DC "T.N.T" musicvideo

From the streets of New York came a band like no other. The band's members kept  their identities secret with  makeup and costumes that symbolised their alter egos. With strong hardrock songs and a over the top performance and stage show. They blew the headliners of the stage so many times that no bands wanted KISS opening for them. 

KISS was one of the hardest touring bands and built up an loyal fanbase through years of touring. After three strong studioalbums it was the live album KISS "ALIVE" that catapulted KISS through the stratosphere from rockstars to superstars. To this day KISS "ALIVE" is one of the most sold live albums of all time.

Spotify playlist Basic Metal History 1970-1975

Sharp Dressed KISS

Noble to see KISS play in costumes, it provides a "Dressed To Kill" album cover feel especially when the perform "C'mon and Love Me" at The official John Varvatos Spring / Summer 2014 campaign.

World premiere HOG "Monolith"

HOG music video "Monolith" is finished JOIN THE CULT! Press Play!

Best of 2013


2013 Best Concerts:


1. KISS: Forum Copenhagen, Denmark. For the first time in history Sthlm hosts a KISS Tour Premiere! Which was very exciting when there was no setlist available and no one knew how the new giant spider scene would look like. Despite an awesome concert at the Friends Arena and a ok appearance at SRF with a haggard Paul it was the Danes who drew the winning lottery ticket, it was a magical  concert at the Forum with a band and audience on top.


2. Manowar: Munchenbryggeriet. The adrenaline-rush started when the demon director Orson Wells immortal words echoed from the speaker system "Ladies and Gentlemen, Please Welcome, from the United States of America, All Hail, MANOWAR!" The sound was crystal clear as they had their own huge PA systems. Killer setlist with "Call To Arms", "Sign of the Hammer", "Mountains" Awesome strong finish with "Hail and Kill", "Warriors of the World" and "Black Wind, Fire and Steel"


3.King Diamond.: Metallsvenskan, Orebro. "The Candle" opens King Diamonds magical concert night where the full moon lighted up the darkness to the sounds of the atmospheric song "At The Graves a murmur went through the crowd when  Mercyful Fate's  "Evil" and "Come To The Sabbath " was played.


4.Lamb of God: Getaway Rock Festival: They came, they saw, they pulverized everything. Lamb of God utterly crushed Getaway Rock Festival with songs like "Walk With Me In Hell", "Laid To Rest" and "Redneck".


5.Ghost: Tyrol and Munchenbryggeriet: Ghost played two devotional concerts in the Royal Capitol of Sweden Stockholm. The concerts started with the intro song "Masked Ball" (by Jocelyn Pook from the film Eyes Wide Shut.) The atmosphere was downright hypnotic in its moments. The Beatles cover song "Here Comes The Sun (son)" feelt out of place in the near-perfect setlist the ABBA cover song "I'm A Marionette" would have been more appropriate.


6.Huntress: SRF Jill Janus from occult Huntress enthralled the audience with her charisma and voice spanning four oktavs.Huntress audience grew and grew during the concert and when they played "Eight of Swords audience exploded.


7.Testament: Getaway Rock Festival  Testament backed by Gene Hoglan on drums opens with five songs from the last two albums before it's time for "Into the Pit" which opens a huge moshpit in the audience. The overpowering classic DNR (do not resuscitate) takes over the Getaway Rock Festival.


8.Five Finger Death Punch: Hovet (opening for Avenged Sevenfold) Rarely has a opening act been so popular the sold out  stadium is filled to  full capacity when 5FDP hit the stage and the audience is on their feet  and moshpits started right away.


9.Iron Maiden: Friends Arena the concert is built around the "Maiden in England" music video concept and features songs from the period when Maiden still delivered great albums. The overall the score is pulled down when they go outside the concept and with the guitarist Janick Gers embarrassing dance and stage presence.


10.Black Sabbath: Friends Arena The band played well and really tight, Ozzy was sometimes ... a little here and there in the songs , citing SVD "Ozzy Osbourne, in figure-hugging sweater and some smeared eyeliner, sometimes looked like an older lady on a aqua gymnastics class. The "song selection was so-so, during the new BS songs many in the audience devoted their time to stare down at their smartphones. But N.I.B. Children of the Grave was killer, all in all a good concert.


2013 Bästa Album:


1.Ghost - "Infestissumam" Redux debut albumets unika 70tals influerade hårdrock där man fann referenser/influenser från b.l.a. Blue Öyster Cult och Mercyful Fate har tonats ner speciellt Mercyful Fate vibbarna medan Blue Öyster Cult lever kvar i vissa låtar, gitarr riffen har fått stå tilbaka till förmån för sångmelodierna. Skickligt låtskrivar hantverk gagnar de framtida klassikerna "Year Zero" och "Per Aspera Ad Inferi". Sällan har en ABBA låt klätts i vackrare och mörkare skrud än i Ghost version av "I’m A Marionette" på Redux version utgåvan där även Ghost version av Rocky Ericksons suveräna "If You Have Ghosts" tronar.


2.Huntress  - "Starbound Beast"  Tung klassisk metal möter sångerskans Jill Janus röstomfång på fyra oktaver. Imagen, lyriken och musiken är väl förborgad i mysticism. "Zenith" och "Blood Sisters" strålar starkast på detta ständigt växande album.


3.Killswitch Engage - "Disarm the Discent"  Originalsångaren Jesse Leach återkomst till Killswitch Engage  har gjort bandet pånyttfött och Killswitch Engage levererar deras bästa album på länge från den stenhårda öppningen "Hell In Me" till de smittande refrängerna i "In Due Time" och "Turning Point".


4.Battle Beast - "S/T" Håller den finska traditionen med att byta ut sångerskor levande genom att  byta ut original sångerskan redan efter ett album. Är det en nedköp som Nightwish bytet Tarja till Anette? faktiskt inte. Håller albumet samman klass som debuten? det gör den inte det nya albumet är faktiskt ännu bättre än debuten och nya sångerskan Noora tar inga fångar. Detta band kan gå långt med rätt backup.


5.Dream Theater- "S/T" kan liknas vid en glädjeflicka i Amsterdams nöjeskvarter, vacker på avstånd men vid närmare okulär besiktning framträder skavanker och brister. Efter en formidabel inledning med låtar som tillhör de bästa DT presterat i sin karriär så kommer det som inte får komma slöa och trista låtar och tro på fan en ballad. Hur tänker DT här? deras karriär bygger inte på ballader som en stor del av Scorpions och Aerosmiths karriärer gör. Vilka ensamma hemmafruar drömmer om DT? Möjligtvis någon gitarrstudent som är osäker på sin läggning men en fluga gör ingen sommar.


6.Hypocrisy  - "End of Disclosure" Alien/Conspiracy lyriken är tillbaka tillsammans med de tunga majestätiska soundet/stilen från klassiska Hypocrisy låtar som "Roswell 47" titelspåret är mästerligt.


7.Soilwork - "The Living Infinite" kliver fram ur skuggorna och levererar det första melodiska dödsmetal dubbelalbumet någonsin! SOILWORK – The Living Infinite är ett formidabelt dubbelalbum.


8. Amon Amarth  - "Deceiver of the Gods" Bästa Amon Amarth albumet sedan With Oden On Our Side. Bisvärmsriffen står som spö i backen där titelspåret, Father of the Wolf och "We Shall Destroy" står ut.


9.Five Finger Death Punch  - "The Wrong Side of Heaven and the Righteous Side of HellVolume 1 & 2" 5FDP gör en GNR släpper två album under samma år, precis som GNR "Use Your Illusion" albumen innehåller de  ett par utfyllnads spår. Synd för hade 5FDP tagit de bästa låtarna från båda albumen hade det blivit ett album som närmar sig deras bästa album "War Is the Answer".


10.Megadeth - "Super Collider" Efter att inte infriat de högt ställda förväntingarna så växer albumet en aning efter varje lyssning Kingslayer är en bra låt och titelspåret är smittande.

Är du redo på att bli förförd? Press Play!


2013 Bästa Låtar:


1.Ghost - "Year Zero" Belial, Behemoth, Beelzebub, Asmodeus, Satanas, Lucifer mässar domedagskören denna episka ockulta hymn. Klicka här!


2.Entombed  - "Amok" (new recording/mix) tungt, hårt och kargt,  Musik att krossa fiender till. Här!


3.Huntress - "Zenith" Betagande Huntress sångerskans sångröst svävar över denna vackra skapelse


4.Dream Theater -" Enemy Inside" en av de bästa DT låtarna någonsin med en socialt engagerande musikvideo.  


5.Battle Beast  - "Black Ninja"  klassisk Accept metal med kvinnlig Dio på sång. Här!


6.Hypocrisy  - "End of Disclosure"  Don't speak! You will disapear..They're gonna erase the truth


7.Killswitch Engage - "In Due Time" Refrängen smittar värre än klamydia.


8.Helloween  - "Nabataea" Bästa Helloween låten på år och dar som avhandlar det gamla Nabatean kungariket.


9. Within Temptation / Tarja - "Paradise" Hårdrock/Opera divorna gör upp.


10. Blood Cermony  - "Goodbye Gemini" extremt suggestiv och kuslig 70 tals hårdrock  vars toner sakta tränger in i din oskuldsfulla hjärna  - Will you follow me into another world?


Deep Purple gör årets hyllningslåt och video till skräckfilms legendaren Vincent Price

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