Ace Frehley Gröna Lund

 Ace Frehley kick off with a storming version"Rocket Ride" against a wall of Marshalls that pilloried the stage."Gimme A Feeling" and "Toys" from his latest album was next before a menacing version of the brilliant "Parasite", "Love Gun" followed with drummer Scotty Coogan (Nikki Sixx Brides of Destruction) providing Paul Stanley-esque vocals. Ace Frehley looks sharp and appears to be  enjoying this new chapter of his career.
Longtime Frehley’s Comet bandmate, Richie Scarlet shined when he took center stage on classics like “Breakout” and “2 Young 2 Die,” which he dedicated to the memory of former Kiss drummer, Eric Carr.
The great autobiographical “Rock Solders” from Frehley’s Comet got the crowd into a frenzy with their fists flying in the air, the dark and heavy "Strange Ways" was sung by the bass player Chris Wyse (Cult, Ozzy) after a seriously wicked, bass solo with dirty riffs and melodic finger tapping."New York Groove" got the audience clapping and sing along."Shock Me," led into a smoking guitar solo - literally.
Ace Frehley was on fire and his playing was totally on point, nailing every solo. "Rip It Out" and "Deuce" ended the set. Ace Frehley could have skipped the KISS songs he didn´t write and played more of his own fantastic tracks like "Gold Gin", "Talk To Me", "Into The Night" and the title song from the criminally underrated album "Trouble Walkin`" that just been released again, remastered with a 16 page full color booklet, rare photos and new linter notes.

Postat av: Achilles

Haha nä jag skrev det inlägget lite slarvigt. Har inte fått någon roll direkt. Såg att jag inte hade skrivit eller postat det inlägget som jag hade tänkt i mitt hubvud innan. Det var meningen att det skulle vara sarkastiskt

2015-07-07 @ 23:40:14

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